Pontoon No.61-102
Photos shown here are of OHYC members only, as of January 31th, 2003.
NO.102 NO.61
NO.101 NO.62 Nakayosi(FS295)
Participated in Arilan Race (Pusan-Fukuoka) in May 2001, starting 12:10 hrs on 3rd of May with a distance of 107 miles.  The result was completion in 15hrs 16 min. 14 sec., at placing 13th out of 26 boats (corrected placing 13th).
Under restoration. Obtained a boat certificate without problems.  Started to float and move about a bit after a long absence but not sailing yet due to the fact that repairs to the rigging have not been finished.  Hoping to show her good sailing in summer.
NO.99 Silver fox NO.64 Atoreiyu
NO.98 Infinity3 NO.65 Future

Winning boat of the Tenjin Festival Yacht Race・USJ Cup Cruising Division held in July 2001. In the last couple of years we were away from racing.  As a new class, cruising division without a spinnaker, was introduced we made an entry for the raced after a long absence. We, all members, were overjoyed with the victory - some says, due to her allotted rating. There may be more than a few boats which want to enter races but unable to do so due to a shortage of crew members.  As an example, Future had a fuss every time two crew members hoisted a spinnaker.  It became a wonderful race as a family-type boat like ours is also able to enter the race without hard work.  (written in July 2001)

NO.97 Albireo NO.66 PATHOPOEIA
NO.67 Denderaryu
NO.67 でんでらりゅう
NO.96 OPUA(Yokoyama30S) NO.68 BAMBOO 2
NO.95 NO.69 Constanze(Y-28S)
NO.94 ELLE (Dufour38 Classic) NO.70 Goku

Owned by the current Commodore.  Loves cruising.  During the Golden Week and Obon holidays she very often goes cruising the Inland Seas.  Every Sunday there are hotpot-parties at Hokko Yacht Harbour and we all enjoy chatting in the cabin, she is moored at the harbour most of the time, not going out for sailing.  You are welcome, anytime.

NO.93 Kami Danomi 2 NO.71 Kusimitama
Owned by Osaka Tenmangu
NO.92 Otokogumi NO.72 TWINS
NO.91 IO five stars NO.74 SKANDA 2

Mainly cruising, not good at racing, heeling to starboard.  Crew members have been busy bringing up their children, so two bachelors are looking after the boat.  Looking for brides!

NO.89 Akitushima NO.76 BIG JOKE 2 (Y-25OB)

Wooden boat, there is still a potbelly stove in her cabin.

NO.88 Don Quichotte NO.77 BLUE STAR
NO.87 Hokuto NO.78
NO.86 IO NO.79 Bagoos

The existing IO is the third boat and I am filled with deep emotion having been here in Hokko Yacht Harbour for such a long time.  I never dreamed of sailing 10 years or so ago.  So far, I have been sailing in Hokko haphazardly, not thinking of what will happen or the aftermath (this may apply to others in the Hokko area overall).  From now on, I feel I would like to enjoy my sailing life in a more relaxed manner, taking it easy,.  IO is characterized by her many members who are always making a lot of noise. Though, thanks to their warm support I have got this far in Hokko.  I ask you to give IO your continued kind indulgence.

NO.85 Osaka Bay NO.80 Sylphide
NO.84 VIENT NO.81 Mileniam
My friend had a boat, Yamaha Y15, at Ohtsu, Lake Biwa.  I went on that boat when I was around 23 years old.  That was my first encounter with yachting.  Manoeuvring sails and sheets the boat sailed in the direction we wanted to head in.  I was most impressed and felt I was alive surrounded by the magnificence of nature.  Since then, over 30 years have passed and at last my dream came true “VIENTO.”  Viento means ‘wind’ in Spanish.  I like her very much as her cabin is so spacious.
NO.83 Polar Star NO.82

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